Finger Math Multiplication

I was surprised when I came across with an article on Polish hand magic, a strategy for multiplication using fingers. I remember us doing it when we were in the first grade, but in a slightly different way.  Here in our country, we call it Finger Math or Finger Multiplication.

Finger multiplication is a strategy for multiplying numbers from 6 to 10.  It is used by pupils in the early grades who have not memorized the multiplication table yet.  The idea is to assign the numbers from 6 to 10 to each finger on both hands (see Figure 1): 6 to the pinkie, 7 to the ring finger, 8 to the middle finger, 9 to the index finger, and 10 to the thumb.

Figure 1

To multiply, do the following (see Figure 2):

(1) Connect the fingers assigned to the numbers that you want to multiply. For example, in multiplying 8 and 7, connect the middle finger and the ring finger (see Figure 2). » Read more