My new blog: School of Freebies

I and my colleagues (this includes science and IT teachers and trainers) are using a lot of free resources on the internet and many of them are non-mathematics.  Since this blog is only limited to sharing math-related resources, I have created another blog  called School of Freebies, where I will include non-mathematics resources and software.  I have only created a couple of posts and have included some posts from Mathematics and Multimedia.

In School of Freebies, everything you will about learn is free.

Although I might share anything free, my concentration are resources on teaching, learning, and Web 2.0 tools.

If you find people that might be interested, please share it.

The Amazing Mathematics Illuminated

Mathematics Illuminated is an amazing multimedia resource created by Annenberg Media. It contains text articles, videos, and java applets that discusses mathematics ranging from the most ancient to the most modern. The title of 13 chapters are the following.

  1. The Primes
  2. Combinatorics Counts
  3. How Big is Infinity
  4. Topology’s Twists and Turns
  5. Other Dimensions
  6. The Beauty of Symmetry
  7. Making Sense of Randomness
  8. Geometries Beyond Euclid
  9. Game Theory
  10. Harmonious Math
  11. Connecting with Networks
  12. In Sync
  13. The Concepts of Chaos

It also contains textbooks, facilitator’s guides, participant’s guides, interactive applets and many other teaching tools that can be used in teaching and learning mathematics.

If you are a mathematics teacher or enthusiast, Mathematics Illuminated is really worth visiting.