GeoGebraWeb: GeoGebra for Tablets and Chrome Books

GeoGebra is getting better and better everyday. Recently, it has released GeoGebraWeb Beta, its version for  Tablets and Chromebooks. The version also works in Internet Explorer 9 and recent versions of Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

The GeoGebraWeb version of an applet can be created by checking the “Export to HTML5 only” option when exporting it from GeoGebra 4.2 Beta.  GeoGebraTube supports GeoGebraWeb but is currently in the experimental strage. Devices without Java will automatically use GeoGebraWeb.

For more information about GeoGebraWeb, visit the GeoGebraWeb Beta Release Forum or the GeoGebraWeb samples.

If you have not used GeoGebra before, it is an excellent software that you can use in teaching and learning mathematics. I have created more than 50 GeoGebra tutorials here.