How to Right Click in the GeoGebra Chrome App

If you have used the GeoGebra Chrome App, you have surely noticed that there is no right click function. How do we solve this problem? GeoGebra expert Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska gives us tips on how to remedy this problem in the tutorial below.

The Chrome App enables users to use GeoGebra on tablets and devices that do not support Java. Currently, GeoGebra developers are also developing real tablet apps particularly for the iPad and Android tablets.

GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial 3 – Embedding GeoGebra worksheets in Wikispaces

Dr. Linda Fahlberg has created an excellent tutorial on embedding GeoGebra in Wikispaces.

Dr. Falhberg has been a user and tutorial developer of GeoGebra even before I started learning it. The links below are her GeoGebra wikis: