New Blog: Mathematical Palette

I will be away for three days for a teacher training in Nueva Ecija, a province about a hundred kilometers from Metro Manila, so your inbox will be quiet for about three to four days. 🙂 However, before the long “vacation,” I would like to shamelessly promote the Mathematical Palette — my new blog.  Yes, my new blog!

The Mathematical Palette is not about school mathematics, but rather a blog about math appreciation. In that blog, I will be discussing the connection between mathematics and other fields such as the arts, music, poetry, and other sciences.  I will also highlight the beauty and practical uses of mathematics (see Mathematical Palette: An Introduction for more details).

The first post titled Points, Pixels, and Pointillism is already live. I hope it would give you an idea of what I’m going to discuss in future posts. The site is still under construction (almost finished though), and I am very excited about it.  I have several titles already queued, and I am going to  write about them this coming weekend.

I hope that you will support and share about this new blog as you have supported Math and Multimedia.