25 Signs You are a Future Mathematician

It’s a rainy Monday morning. Last night, I came across with Top 10 Signs That You are a Mathematician. The article inspired me to write my own list, only this time, Signs You Are a Future Mathematician.

  1. Your handwriting is ugly.
  2. You use Latex in doing your homework instead of Word, Pages, or OpenOffice Writer.
  3. You know that “if A then B” is different from “If B then A.”
  4. When you speak or write, you are concise and direct.
  5. You don’t or seldom use idiomatic expressions.
  6. You have a limited knowledge of synonyms.
  7. You know how to pronounce Euler.
  8. You know that not all the time 1 + 1 equals 2.
  9. You know what’s the meaning of  the symbol …
  10. You know that the word ‘close’ can mean ‘far’ and the word ‘elementary’ is a dangerous word (e.g. elementary number theory).
  11. You know how to use the summation symbol.
  12. Just for fun, you use \epsilon and \delta to denote your neighbors.
  13. You are interested in math and bored by other subjects.
  14. You scratch your head and murmur “What does he exactly mean by that?” when your science teacher says that “math is an exact science.”
  15. You know that your biology teacher has a misconception of math when he says that mathematics is just a tool.
  16. You know the meanings of  pennies, nickels, and dimes, even if you don’t live in the US.
  17. You like to take the shortest path from one place to another.
  18. You know Terence Tao and Ramanujan.
  19. You own a compass and a straightedge.
  20. You use GeoGebra, Maxima, or Octave.
  21. You know how to use AND and OR.
  22. You don’t bet in lotteries.
  23. You avoid loans and credit cards.
  24. You know that \infty + \infty is not equal to 2\infty.
  25. You enjoy reading Mathematics and Multimedia. 😀