What are RSS Feeds?


When you are reading a book, you use a bookmark to mark a page where you stopped or a page which is important to you. This also happens on the web. You probably have an list of  the URLs of websites you like. Some of you are probably familiar with the bookmark feature of your browsers: the star in Google Chrome’s address bar, the Favorite>Add to Favorites in Internet Explorer, and CLTR+D in Firefox.

Browser bookmarking is good way to mark your favorite sites, but the problem is that browsers are not capable of informing you when site you bookmarked new articles or updates.  You have to visit the website to check for new articles.

This is where RSS comes in.  It’s like a browser saying ‘Hey, Math and Multimedia has a new post.’ This is similar to email subscriptions: users are informed whenever a site is updated.  Some RSS feed management providers such as Feedburner offer RSS email subscriptions as well. » Read more