Nature by Numbers: Watch and fall in love with math

This is a captivating video ‘inspired by numbers, geometry and nature’ and was created by Cristóbal Vila.   The video explains the connections between the Fibonacci sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, … (can you see the pattern?), and nature (the golden rectangle, the nautilus, the sunflower, etc.).

For non-math people, you will appreciate this video if you know the concepts behind it.

I came across with this video about two weeks ago, but I had no chance to post it until I was reminded by a post about it at the  MathFuture wiki. On the funny side, there were more than 10 thousand who liked the video in Youtube, but 122 disliked it (plus a few more recently). One user (GatorTomKK) had the following comment for those 122 (and possibly for future ‘dislikers‘) :

122 people don’t understand math in general.

I can’t help but grin after reading the comment, and I’m sure your doing the same.