Most colleges here in the Philippines use the 1-5 grading system, 1.0  being the highest and 5.0 being the lowest. The passing mark is 3.0. Because it is relatively difficult to pass most courses (and exams) in our university compared to other other universities in our country, some students are quite  happy to get 3.0, especially in  difficult courses.

That probably inspired the writer of the poem below. That poem is printed at the back of t-shirts sold at the university.  One day, I heard three freshmen talking and laughing about wearing the shirt. One said, ‘I won’t wear that shirt ’til I graduate. My classmate wore it and he got a 3.0 in Math 17 (Algebra and Trigonometry). Believe me, those shirts are cursed,’ and they all laughed.

The poem is  a derivative the poem “Tree” by Joyce Kilmer. Honestly,  I do not know who is the author of the poem. Kindly tell me if you know.

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