GeoGebra Short-Term Course Concluded

Last Saturday, June 5, 2010, we have concluded our 3-Saturday seminar on Using GeoGebra in Teaching Mathematics. Below are some of the pictures  taken from the said short-term course.

That’s me on the first pic explaining the mathematics behind the “how-to” construction. If you’re wondering why our whiteboard is high, well, I am just short. I am 5’3” feet, or maybe shorter (chuckles).

As you can see, the participants are really serious. 🙂

One of our participants constructing her GeoGebra applet.


So if you want to invite me* to conduct a lecture on GeoGebra in your school, I am just an email away.

*Philippines only (unless, of course, your school is willing to shoulder my expenses. Just kidding  🙂 ).

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