Math and Multimedia’s 1st Birthday

First Birthday

Mathematics and Multimedia is celebrating its first birthday today.  It’s been a year that we have been learning mathematics and multimedia together, and I hope that this blog has helped you in your mathematical endeavors, whether you are a student, a teacher, or  a math enthusiast.

Where Math and Multimedia is read.

After one year, here are the accomplishments of Mathematics and Multimedia:

  • has published 176 articles (some of it, of course, are announcements)
  • has been visited more than 110,000 times (non-unique)
  • has published 3 blog carnivals
  • has been read in 167 countries
  • has attracted more than 200 subscribers

Thank You

I would like to thank the following people for promoting this blog:

  1. Denise of Let’s Play Math and David Pilarski for supporting Math and Multimedia during its infancy.
  2. William Emeny of Great Maths Teaching Ideas.
  3. Sol Lederman of Wild About Math! for hosting and promoting the carnival. Wild About Math! will host the October carnival.
  4. Robert Byrne of Free Tech For Teachers. I have written about your blog, but have not yet posted it. I will post it next week, promise.
  5. Katerina Thessaloniki of Math and Literature.
  6. Maria Droujkova of Natural Math and Math Future for letting me include my GeoGebra page in here WikiSpace.
  7. To fellow GeoGebra enthusiast Dr. Linda-Fahlberg Stojanovska who is maintaining GeoGebra wikis  Wikispaces and PbWorks.
  8. To Markus Hohenwarter (creator of GeoGebra) and Michael Borcherds (lead developer of GeoGebra) for promoting this site.

And of course the readers and subscribers. Thank you guys.

  • If you have suggestions,  comments, or even criticisms, please feel free to write in the comment box.
  • If you are a subscriber and has not voted yet, please take 2 seconds to vote in the survey at the right hand side of your screen. I will be needing the data for future plans.

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