101 ways to promote your math blog for free

If you have noticed I have started writing posts about blog promotion (see How to automatically import your blog post to your Facebook wall and Basic Blogging Tips 1).  This is the sequel of the WordPress Blogging Tutorial Series and the beginning of my new series called  101 Ways to promote your blog for free.  Since you now know how to blog, the next step is to draw crowd to it.

Note, however, that I am not a blogging expert. There are bloggers out there who draw more than 50,000 visitors a day.  All the things that I will share in this series are from my personal experiences in growing Mathematics and Multimedia. This means that otherwise stated, I have tried and tested the tips.

In this series, I will discuss a variety of tips – from the most general (what other bloggers would likely tell you) to the most specific.  Although this series is written for math bloggers, most tips here can also be used by bloggers of other genre.

To be more organized, I have listed the blog tips into nine sections:

1.) Before Blogging are the things that you should consider before starting a blog.

2.) Early Blogging are strategies on growing your audience in your first 6 months.

3) General Blogging are the tips most bloggers would tell you if you ask them how to increase your readers.

4.) Design and Structure will give you tips about the appearance, content, and structure of your home page.

5.) Blog Posts will discuss things that you should consider in each post.

6.) Community. This will discuss about making connectionswithin the community of bloggers.

7.) Established are tips if your blog is already quite known. That is, more than 25,000 hits a month.

8.) Extra will discuss going beyond traditional blogging and more. I have done quite a lot of them.

9.) Tools and Widgets will discuss the software, tools, widgets, and websites that can help you grow your blog.  This is the most specific among all the topics.

In the next post, we will be discussing tip number 1, the things to consider before starting to blog seriously.
Photo Credit: James Cridland

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