Guest Post: Introduction to Vedic Mathematics

Sanjay Guilati (author) has been teaching computer and mathematics in Bhilai , state Chhattisgarh in India for 15 years. Currently he is a  teacher in a senior secondary school and he is also involved in teacher training.  Sanjay is the writer of the new blog titled Mathematics Academy.


Note: This is the first part of a 2-part guest post on Vedic Mathematics.

You must have heard of Vedic Mathematics but wondered what this meant and what it is all about.

Well, Vedic Mathematics is a collection of set of sixteen mathematics formulae (called sutras) discovered by Jagatguru Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj.

These sixteen formulae can be used to solve problems of different branches of mathematics viz arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus etc.

Difficult mathematics problems which take number of steps to solve can be solved in few steps using Vedic Mathematics. In some cases problems can even be solved mentally without any intermediate steps.

The system of formulae is so simple that persons with average knowledge of mathematics can easily understand and use them.

In Vedic Mathematics, we have: specific techniques and general techniques. The specific techniques are fast and effective. On the other hand general techniques (say for multiplication) in Vedic Mathematics can be used to multiply numbers of any possible combination of digits.

I have written a more extensive introduction below.

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