Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival 13

Welcome to the 13th edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia blog carnival.

Scenes from the 2004 Carnivale in Venice (IMG_4808a)

Before we begin the carnival, let’s have some trivia about the number thirteen:

  • The fear of thirteen is called triskaidekaphobia.
  • Thirteen is the number of stripes in the US flag.
  • The number of characters in E Pluribus Unum
  • The number of Archimedean Solids
  • The atomic number of Aluminum.
Now, let the carnival begin!



Romeo Vitelli give an excellent account of the life and works of the brilliant Kurt Godel in Deconstructing Godel posted at Providentia.
No 13 - rabbit
vmathtutor presents an ‘almost prime number’ generator in A remarkable quadratic polynomial posted at Virtual Math Tutor.

Mr. Ho takes us to the ancient paradoxes his article Zeno’s Paradox in Ancient China posted at Mathing.

Erlina Ronda discusses Counting Principles, Pascal’s Triangles, and Powers of 2 posted at Mathematics for Teaching

Mathematics Teaching

Earl Samuelson has explanations and notes about Integration – Surface Areas & Volumes of Revolution posted at samuelson mathxp.


Sam Shah’s guest blogger presents several excellent tips on how to take down notes from the board in his Sticky Notes posted at Continuous Everywhere, Differentiable Nowhere

Terrance Banks presents Another Menu and Back 2 School.. posted at So I Teach Math and Coach?.

Jennifer Bardsley shares her experience about constructivist’s  approach in teaching math in her article titled Math posted at Teaching My Baby To Read.

Chris Solomon shares about Creative Problem Solving Tools and Technique (Part 1/2) posted at Jazz Presentation.

David Wees has a great series on Math in the Real World.

Technology Integration

John Golden shares his experience in conducting a GeoGebra training in GeoGebra 4 Teachers posted at Math Hombre.

Thirteen (13th/52)

Another good calculator is in town, the Desmos Calculator,   presented by Colleen Young in her blog Mathematics, Learning, and Web 2.0.

William Emeny has discovered a new interactive time line software Time Toast in his blog Great Maths Teaching Ideas.

Guillermo Bautista (that’s me) presents an applet on Triangle Angle Sum Proof at GeoGebra Applet Central.


Are you sending your child to Kumon? If you do, you may want to read Caroline Mikusa’s Kumon: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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