Math and Multimedia Carnival 17 and the November Carnivals

For those who are avid readers of  mathematics and mathematics teaching,  the November 2011  edition of the Mathematics Carnivals are now live for your reading pleasure.

2010 Carnevale in Venice - the lovely Yasmine Lefrebvre checking out her reflection (P1000684a)

The Math and Multimedia Carnival 17  is now live at Mathematics for Teaching. The next edition will be hosted by Love of Learning Services and will be posted on December 19.

The Mathematics Teachers at Play 44 is also live at Nucleus Learning and the Carnival of Mathematics 83 is also live  at Teach Beside Me.

You can also visit my Mathematics Page to view the complete list of mathematics articles.


You can support the carnivals by hosting and by sharing. If you are interested to host the Math and Multimedia Carnival, you can email me. .

You can also host the Math Teachers at Play Carnival by contacting Denise or the Carnival of Mathematics by emailing Mike.

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