Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival 19

Welcome to the 19th edition of the Math and Multimedia Carnival. The entries in this edition were sent via email, others via the blog carnival site, and some were my own selection.

Scenes from the 2004 Carnivale in Venice (IMG_4683a)
Here are the entries for the Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival Chinese New Year Edition.


Richard Rusczyk wrote excellent an excellent essay on dealing with hard math problems  posted at Art of Problem Solving.

Gaurav Tiwari has a comprehensive discussion about Triangle Inequality in his Digital Notebook.

No 19 - flowery

Shaun Klassen has a clear explanation on how to convert polar to rectangular coordinates at Math Concepts Explained.

Do you love puzzles? Check out John Cook’s post on Roman numeral puzzle posted at The Endeavour.

Jason Dyer has outline the proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic at the Number Warrior.

Mathematics Teaching

Colleen Young shares about numbers in love with themsleves posted at Mathematics, Web, and Learning.

Mimi Yang ponders and made a discovery about her student’s backward approach to completing the square posted at I hope this old train breaks down.

No 19 - red on marble

Claire Mathieu reveals her and her friend’s secrets in studying mathematics in her post on On Studying for Class posted at A CS Professor’s Blog.

Sham Shah presents another article about ‘fixing’ mathematics education and has written a great response about it at Continuous Anywhere But Differentiable Nowhere.

Kate Nowak exhibits her one-of-a-kind Spiky Door Project in her blog Function of Time, a class project that requires students to make pyramids and cones while learning the meaning of height, volume, and surface area.

White Ford presents 10 Skills Every Student Should Learn posted at Learning  and Teaching Math

Multimedia Tools

Erlina Ronda presents  a guest post about an online calculator for problem solving and investigation needs at Mathematics for Teaching.No 19 - cut out metal

Nilo de Roock shows several Animated Penrose Tilings in The Mathematics Blog.

Murray Bourne presents a video on Spirals, Fibonacci and Being a Plant at SquareCircleZ.

Irina Boyadzhiev presents an applet on Squaring a Convex Polygon at GeoGebra Applet Central.

Tal Greengard invites us to view is collection of  free math animations at

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