New Archive Page, Language Translation, and more

Hi everyone. Here are some few updates and announcements:

  • Due to the growing number of posts, I have created an archive page where the complete list of posts are arranged by month. If you want to view the posts by category, you can go to the Mathematics, Multimedia, and GeoGebra pages. You can also visit the Freebies page. 
  • You can now translate Math and Multimedia to 50 languages with just two clicks, courtesy of Google Translate. Just click the drop down list box at the TRANSLATE BLOG section on the right part of your screen. 
  • To all math and math teaching enthusiasts, the Math Teachers at Play 47 is now live at Math Hombre. You may also want to visit this month’s edition of the Math and Multimedia Carnival.
  • The next edition of the Math and Multimedia Carnival will be hosted by Math Concepts Explained. To submit your blog posts, click here or email
  • You may want to check out my new blog, the Mathematical Palette – a blog about mathematical beauty and appreciation.

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