11 Mathematical Proof Techniques Liberal Arts Majors Should Know

Mathematical proof is the heart of mathematics.  It is what differentiates mathematics from other sciences.  In mathematical proofs, we can show that a statement is true for all possible cases without showing all the cases. We can be certain that the sum of two even numbers is  even without adding all the possible pairs.

 mathematical proof

For the liberal arts majors, the proofs below will be of great help to you, but I think the math majors are going to appreciate them more.

1.) Proof by Obviousness

Example: “The proof is so clear that it need not to be mentioned.”

2.) Proof by Intimidation

Example 1: “Don’t be stupid. It’s true.”

Example 2: “It’s trivial”

3.) Proof by Deception

Example: “Now everyone turn their backs…”

4.) Proof by Lack of Sufficient Time

Example: ”Because of the time constraint, I’ll leave the proof to you.”

5.) Proof by Plagiarism

Example: “As we see on page 85, it is true.”

6.)  Proof by Intuition

Example: “I have this gut feeling that it’s true.”

7.) Proof by Calculus

Example: “The proof requires calculus, so it must be true.”

8.) Proof by Convenience

Example: “Well, it would be nice if it were true.”

9.) Proof by Authority

Example: “Isaac Newton said it, so it must be true.”

10.) Proof by Profanity

This is a general patronage blog, so I cannot show the example here. 

11.) Proof by Terror

Example cannot be shown. This proof is very effective if “Proof by Intimidation” fails.

Note: This is a repost of 11 Proof Techniques Non-Math People Should Know.

Reference: 36 Humorous Methods of Proofs

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