Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival 23

Welcome to the 23rd edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival. This is a repost from Mathematical Palette, a blog which I no longer maintain.

In this edition, we have a miscellany of mathematics and mathematics teaching articles.

John Cook presents a proof technique that seems to give you something for nothing, an interesting Binomial coefficient trick, posted at the Endeavor.

Shaun Klassen has a clear explanation about the basic concept of limits in Using Limits to Find Tangents posted at Mathematics Concepts Explained.

blog carnival 23

Dave Richeson shares his readings about Plato’s approximation of pi posted at Division by Zero.

Colleen Young takes us to several good resources on Rich Questions in Mathematics posted at Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0.

Dan Bowdoin shares his new strategy in monitoring homeworks in Google Form and  QR Homework Check in posted at Technology Integration for Math Engagement. 

Dave Gale posts a grid audio tool that produces sounds when clicked in Is Symmetry Beautiful posted at Reflective Maths Teacher.

23 Malke exhibits here excellent classroom activity featuring Stars, Factoring & Patterns posted at The Map is Not the Territory.

Shana Donohue discusses practical teaching tips in 5 Principles of the Evil Teaching Guru posted at Zero Sum Ruler.

Emily Allman advises herself in teaching in A Note to My Former Self  posted at Algebra, Essentially.

Mr. D invents a new game, The Game That Will Save Zynga, posted at I Want To Teach Forever.


Justin Lanier answers the question “In what ways can math be part of your life?” posted at I Choose Math.

Robert Talbert has an interesting and constructive article about Khan Academy in “What does Khan Academy” need? posted at Casting Out Nines.

Love to Learn Today shares a good Online Dictionary for Kids.

That’s all for Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival 23, see you in the next carnival.

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