29 Tagalog Math Terms I Bet You Don’t Know

We teach mathematics in English in my country, so we are not familiar about math terms in our own language. Honestly, I didn’t know that these terms even exist. So, I want to share it with fellow Filipino teachers and math enthusiasts.

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Tagalog Math Terms 

labi – remainder
lakta – carry over (addition)
lagian – constant
lagiin – constant
lambal – power
liyebo – carry over
medyan – median
parami – multiplier
talulo – angle
tumbas – equals
limsiha – pentagon
lutasin – solve
mulhagi – elements
nimsiha – hexagon
pabawas – subtrahend
pakilos operator
pitsiha – heptagon
poligon – polygon
pulsiha – decagon
rasyo – ratio
sakilos – operation
sampuan decimal
samsiha – nonagon
siha – angle
sungkad – one-to-one correspondence
talukay – trinomial
talulo – angle
tikop – circumference
ugatin – radicand

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