29 Tagalog Math Terms I Bet You Don’t Know

We teach mathematics in English in my country, so we are not familiar about math terms in our own language. Honestly, I didn’t know that these terms even exist. So, I want to share it with fellow Filipino teachers and math enthusiasts.

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Tagalog Math Terms 

labi – remainder
lakta – carry over (addition) » Read more

Math Words in Filipino

Note: This post is for Filipino readers.

Mathematics in the Philippines is taught in English, and I have never used a math term in Filipino (our national language) before. I found these translations, and I am delighted to share it to fellow Filipino math teachers and enthusiasts. Honestly, I  only know one translation, and it is embarrassing that I didn’t even know the other  translations exist.

  • math – sipnayan
  • mathematician – sipnayanon
  • arithmetic – palatuusan
  • radical – pangugat
  • exponential function – pangunahing kabisa
  • square root – pariugat
  • cube root – taluugat
  • square – parirami
  • cube – talurami
  • differential – tingirin
  • involution – balisultag
  • tangent – dikit
  • plane figure – lapyang laraw
  • probability – kalagmitan
  • permutation – pamalitan
  • factorial – bunin
  • infinity – awanggan
  • imaginary number – guning bilang
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There is also a math blog written in Filipino (or TagLish) called Sipnayan. You might want to check it out.