GeoGebra Updates: GeoGebra Exam Mode and Followers Features

There are two recent updates in GeoGebra, the first one is the GeoGebra Exam Mode and the second is the GeoGebra Followers feature for its website users.

GeoGebra Exam Mode

One of the recent developments in GeoGebra is the GeoGebra Exam Mode. In this mode, students can use GeoGebra while taking exams. If a student leaves the the GeoGebra window, the GeoGebra toolbar will turn red (see below) and logs the time and duration the student left the window, so teachers would know if students used other programs.

geogebra exam mode

You can access the GeoGebra exam mode here. It runs in major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Safari). It also runs in full screen, so students cannot use any other program while using it. Further, it can be customized allowing access to selected features (e.g. you can disable the CAS window).

For more information about the GeoGebra Exam Mode, read this tutorial.

GeoGebra Followers Features

One of the additions to the Profiles Page of GeoGebra is the Followers Feature where you can follow and be followed by members of the GeoGebra community. Your profile page will show the people you are following and the people who follow you. Badges will be given once you achieved a certain number of followers.

Haven’t heard about GeoGebra Before?

For those who haven’t heard about GeoGebra before, it’s a free software that can be used for teaching and learning mathematics. It’s free and runs in major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). You can download GeoGebra here.

If you want to learn GeoGebra you can visit the following tutorials:

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Have fun learning!

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