A Different Way to Perform Division

All of us are familiar with the standard division method. The standard algorithm requires us to divide the digits with highest place values and get the largest possible quotient. For example, in dividing 984 by 23, we have to divide 98 by 23 which gives a quotient of 4.

The method that I am going to discuss below does not separate the digits. It lets you repeatedly divide and allows you to choose a more convenient quotient. Below are the steps of this method. We use 984 divided by 23 as example.

1. Write the dividend and the divisor separated by a colon and then draw a line above the numbers as shown.

division 1

2. First, we divide 984 by 23. Well, we don’t have to find the actual quotient. Maybe 30 is easier, so we choose 30. We write 30 above the line aligned to the place values of the dividend.  » Read more