Create 3D Models on Your Browser with Tinkercad

If you have enjoyed creating 3D with Sketchup, you might want to check another cool 3D modeling software called Tinkercad. TinkerCad is a tool used from creating digital designs that are ready to be printed in physical objects. The good thing about Tinkercard is that it can run on your browsers. In addition, new users are guided through lessons moving from basics to more complex techniques.

The video below is a brief introduction and tutorial about Tinkercad.

A free account can be created to use TinkerCad. You can learn easily by viewing the tutorials.

Using Google Sketchup in Teaching Mathematics

Last March 2010, we have discussed several ways on using Google Sketchup to enhance geometric drawings as well as how to use it in classroom teaching.  In this article, we will discuss more ideas on how to use Google Sketchup in teaching mathematics.

Although Google Sketchup is a drawing software, it can be very helpful to mathematics teachers especially in teaching three dimensional geometry. Using Sketchup, it is  easy to demonstrate what do we mean by coplanar or non-coplanar as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

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