Guest Post: A Hundred Years Down the Road

Technology has evolved tremendously, especially more so over the past decade in a breathless, continuous sprint. Think: from landlines and pagers to cell phones to smart phones. From paperbacks and newspapers to Kindle and iPads.¬† From compact discs and cumbersome CRT television sets to miniature MP3 devices and sleek 3D-enabled high definition flat screens. From physically bulky tower servers to nimble cloud computing. So on and so forth. This transformation ultimately and inevitably spilled over into various genres of livelihoods. On the education front, classroom learning hauled ass with Mathematics leading the revolution. Once upon a time there were only scientific calculators, now advanced handheld graphing machines dominate the student market. With an internet connection, the entire world library is brought right to your doorstep. Digesting geometry, algebra and calculus has been made a million times more fun and easier with online interactive applications such as Wolfram Alpha and GeoGebra. A gigantic virtual maths instructional video vault at Khan Academy is always ready at your disposal should you find certain new concepts taught in school less than palatable and desire immediate clarifications. Facebook and Twitter now enable both educators and students to share/ discuss ideas instantaneously without having to meet up face to face. » Read more