GeoGebra 4.4 is Now Available

Today, GeoGebra 4.4 has been released. I had just a short time exploring the new version, but one of the obvious changes is the addition of the GeoGebraTube menu in the menu bar. In addition, here if you use the new version, here are some of the changes that you will observe in your first few use.

  • GeoGebra Sign-in option to let you stay Signed in while working
  • Larger Check box, Command button, and Slider
  • Export to HTML was replaced with Upload to GeoGebraTube (Press Ctrl-Shirt-M to explore Java/HTML5 to clipboard)
  • New Filling styles

For those who have not tried using GeoGebra, it’s an amazing software for teaching and learning mathematics. You can visit the official GeoGebra website to know more about it and download the software for free.  If you want to learn using it, I have written more than 50 tutorials about it.

To know more about the features of the new version, you can read the GeoGebra 4.4 Release Notes.

GeoGebra Tablet Apps for iPad, Android, Windows 8

To all GeGebra fans out there,  it is time to celebrate! The International GeoGebra Institute has currently released GeoGebra tablet apps for three major platforms. This includes the GeoGebra tablet apps for iPad, Android, and Windows 8. As of this writing, these versions, except the iPad version, can now be downloaded at the GeoGebra download page.

According to the Official GeoGebra blog, the new tablet apps have the following key features:

  • Integrate GeoGebraTube Search
  • Worksheet View
  • Graphics and Algebra View
  • Touch-optimized Toolbar and Stylebar
  • Powerful Input Bar
  • Fully compatible with Desktop versions

For questions and suggestions, please visit the GeoGebra Tablet App forum. In addition, the International GeoGebra Institute is currently working on the  upcoming version of GeoGebra which is GeoGebra 4.4.

GeoGebra is an amazing free dynamic mathematics software. You can download it at GeoGebra’s official webpage and learn how to use it at Math and Multimedia’s GeoGebra page. It contains more than 50 GeoGebra Tutorials from basic to advanced.

Image Credit: GeoGebra Blog