15 Reasons Why GeoGebra is Successful

Michael Borcherds, lead developer of GeoGebra, asked why GeoGebra is successful  in the GeoGebra Forum;  I summarized the responses and came up with 15 reasons.  Here are the reasons why GeoGebra has been so successful all these years.

  1. It is FREE.
  2. It is open source – meaning, it is developed collaboratively by us: programmers, teachers, mathematicians, and users.  Not just a few people.
  3. It runs in multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.).
  4. It runs in different devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets).
  5. It promotes mathematical connections (algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, etc.).
  6. It highlights  multiple representations (equations, graphs, tables).
  7. It is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to use.
  8. Its files can be easily uploaded to the web as applets.
  9. It can be exported to different file formats (png, pdf, eps, etc.).
  10. It supports Latex typesetting.
  11. It supports spreadsheet, CAS, and 3D (GeoGebra 5.0).
  12. It has elegant appearance and dynamic colors.
  13. It has excellent support community.
  14. It can be used by elementary school students up to graduate school students.
  15. It is updated frequently — actually, almost everyday.
Can you think of others?
If you haven’t tried GeoGebra yet, it’s time that you do.