7+2 ways to follow Math and Multimedia

If you like Math and Multimedia and want to receive updates every time a post is made, here are seven ways to do it:

1.) Follow Math and Multimedia  on Twitter.

2.) Like This!  Math and Multimedia Facebook Page. This will take you to the Facebook page which automatically updated every time a post is made.

3.) Subscribe to the Math and Multimedia’s RSS feed. If you don’t know how to use an RSS feed and RSS feed reader and you have a Google Account, I have created a step by step tutorial on How to Subscribe to a Blog Using Google Reader.

4.) Subscribe through email. The Email Subscription box is at the right side bar. Just type your email and click the Submit button. This will send updates to your email every time a post is made.

5.) Add me up on Facebook.  This account has automatic post updates of Math and Multimedia.  It also contains post updates of my two other blogs, School of Freebies and GeoGebra Applet Central.

6.) Subscribe to the Math and Multimedia Friend Feed Account.

7.) Automatically import Math and Multimedia posts on your Facebook wall.

8.) Add me up on Google+. I use mathandmultimedia@gmail.com email in Google+. I post every weekend my list of post in Google+.

9.) Add me up in Linkedin. Linkedin automatically import Math and Multimedia posts in Linkedin.

If you you are not a tech-savvy, I suggest that you use number 4, or you can email me at mathandmultimedia@gmail.com and I will do the subscribing for you.