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  1. I will be hosting the Carnival of Mathematics. Please submit your entries before December 2, 2011 to
  2. The Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival will be hosted by Mathematics for Teaching. You may submit your entries before November 27, 2011 to
  3. The Math Teachers at Play Carnival will be hosted by Virtual Math Tutor. Kindly submit your entries before December 16 to
Here are the latest editions of the carnivals above:
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Carnival 13 deadline and more

  • The Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival 13 will be hosted here. To submit your articles, click here. The deadline of submission s on July 29, 2011 and the post date is on July 31, 2011.
  • To all GeoGebra users and enthusiasts, I have a group blog for posting  GeoGebra applets. You are invited to show the world your GeoGebra applets there.
  • Math and Multimedia is accepting guest posts. If you are a blogger and you want to promote your blog, one of the most effective ways is to guest post.  Math and Multimedia is currently averaging 50,000 pageviews (23,000+ unique viewers) a month, so guest posting will likely boost your traffic. Advertisers are, of course, welcome. 😀
  • Wanted: Carnival Hosts. If you want to boost your traffic, you may want to host the Math and Multimedia Carnival.
  • You may also want to submit to Math and Multimedia’s sister carnivals,   Math Teacher’s at Play Carnival organized by Let’s Play Math and the Carnival of Mathematics.
If you have questions email me at

Carnival 12 Deadline of Submission

Time flies fast indeed.  The Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival is now one year old! The birth month edition will be hosted by Mathematics for Teaching blog by Erlina Ronda. To submit your articles to the carnival, click here. The deadline of submission is on June 11, 2011 and the post date is on on June 13, 2011.

Birthday Cake

To increase the chance of your article of being published, read the Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival’s Criteria for Selection of Articles. If you missed the previous carnival posts and the latest carnivals, click the links below: » Read more

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