The Math and Multimedia Carnival is back

After several months of hiatus, I am reviving the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival. To those who are interested to host the next edition, kindly email me at mathandmultimedia[at]

Carnival  - Corso Illumine

The latest edition of the carnival is the 24th edition. The complete list can be found in the Mathematics and Multimedia blog carnival index page.

You may submit your carnival entries at the carnival submission form. The deadline of submission be March 30, 2013.

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Mathematics and Multimedia Miscellany 1

This is the first edition of Math and Multimedia Miscellany (MMM). MMM will contain technology news, interesting math articles, miscellaneous announcements, and other stuff that I cannot include in regular posts.


Erlina R. Ronda has currently created an e-library, a collection of readings  for mathematics teachers and would be mathematics teachers.  Her collection includes research readings on mathematics education and history of mathematics. Erlina is the author of the Mathematics for Teaching blog.


Google has currently launched Google drive, but is selling Google Sketchup to Trimble. Yes, you heard it right — Google selling. Google Sketchup is a 3d modeling program created by @Last Software. It was acquired by Google on March 14, 2006.


Despite the numerous applications of mathematics in real-life, I found an interesting news on how a physicist used mathematics to avoid traffic penalty. Now, that’s really real-life!


I have been looking for a good bookmarking tool, and it seems that Pinterest suits my preferences. There is not much right now in my account, but it will be active soon. If you are interested to follow me on Pinterest, you can visit my boards at


The Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival is home! I will be hosting the 23rd edition.  Please submit your articles on or before May 18, 2012.


Mathematics and Multimedia is currently looking for carnival hosts. If you are interested, email me at June, July and August 2012  are available for hosting.


That’s all for now. Happy weekend everyone!

Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival 22

To all Math Blog Carnival lovers, the 22nd edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival is now online at Math is Not a Four Letter Word.


To those who missed the previous carnivals, you may want to check them out:

You may also want to visit the complete list of the previous Mathematics and Multimedia Carnivals.

If you are interested to host a future edition of the Math and Multimedia Carnival, please email me at


Math and Multimedia Carnival #21

Welcome to the 21st edition of the Math and Multimedia Carnival!  I hope you enjoy the selection of mathematics-related topics that have been included in the carnival this month, which have either been submitted via the blog carnival submission site, emailed to me, or are of my personal choosing.

No 21 - weathered brass
Before we get to those though, as is tradition for the Math and Multimedia Carnival, let’s learn some trivia about the number 21! Read more… 


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