Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival 24

Welcome to the 24th edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival. This edition marks the end of the second year of the carnival.

Carnival  - waiting for the procession in Place Massena

Before we begin the carnival, let us start with some facts about 24 courtesy of Wikipedia.

  • It is the smallest number with exactly 8 divisors.
  • It is the sum of prime twins.
  • It is the atomic number of Chromium.
  • The number of carats representing pure gold.
  • The number of letters in the Greek alphabet

The Carnival Entries

Colleen Young provides us with Bell Work, some ideas for a calm start to lessons at Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0.

Paul Salomon of Math Munch introduces Jason Davies, a freelance mathematician who discusses visualization in the post titled Visualization, Inspiration, and the Ultimate Graphing Challenge. The post also contains a video  called Inspirations and introduces a game called the Super Ultimate Graphing Challenge.

John Golden has an excellent write up about iPad and other Apple apps at Math+IOS posted at Math Hombre.

Erlina Ronda introduces a classic Pythagorean Puzzle and proposed a sequence of questions for teaching posted at Mathematics for Teaching.

John Scammel has an interesting lesson on introducing mean, median, and mode at Celebrity Guessing Game posted at Zero Knowledge Proofs.

Timon Piccini introduces a way to teach integers in Integer-nary posted at Embracing the Drawing Board.

Lewis Mead combines math and sports in Introductory Mechanics: Maths of Snooker posted at Eloquent Math.

Kevin Cunningham presents 5 Things I have learnt from recording videos posted at mathsfordshire.

Emily Allman uncovers 6 Essential Questions in Algebra in her blogiversary posted at Algebra, Essentially.

Kalid Azad of Better Explained explains the different uses of equal sign in Math as a Languge: Understanding the Equal Sign.

Jim Wilder presents a trick on computing Fibonacci sequences using 11 in Fibonacci and the 11s posted at Elementary Math and Science.

Math Palette celebrates Magic Cubes: Number Wonder in Three Dimensions.

This concludes the 24th edition of the Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival. You may now submit your entries for the next edition at the blog carnival submission. Past posts of the carnival can be viewed in the Carnival index page.

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