New Partner Blog: Math Concepts Explained

Math Concepts Explained  is a blog managed by Shaun Klassen that aims to help students in understanding mathematical concepts in middle school and high school mathematics. It is a math tutoring blog that covers a wide variety of topics explained using “simple language and lots examples.” Aside from the tutorials, the blog also contains links to useful resources on the web which are helpful not only to students but also to teachers.


If the content provided in the posts isn’t quite clear for any reason, students are encouraged to leave comments if they require additional clarification of the material, or to request certain topics to be covered in future posts. On his profile page, Shaun says:

I would like to pass on some of what I learned to you, students who are looking for help with math. I recognized when I was in school how valuable it was to have a reliable resource to help me with my math studies, and that is what I am trying to recreate on this blog.

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