400 Challenging Programming Problems in School Mathematics

If you are looking for programming problems to challenge yourself or to give to your students, then Project Euler is one good place to start.  According to the website, “Project Euler exists to encourage, challenge, and develop the skills and enjoyment of anyone with an interest in the fascinating world of mathematics.” True indeed, the site has collected more than 400 programming problems in mathematics.

Project Euler Programming Problems

Many of the problems are accessible even to Grade 8 students  but some are a bit challenging.  Non-computer science majors and non-mathematics majors who want to keep their “problem solving and mathematics on the edge” are also encouraged to try. To give you an idea of the difficulty of the problems, one problem is shown above.

If you want to take the challenge of Project Euler, you may want keep track of your progress by registering.

2250 Interactive K-12 Mathematics Problems with Solutions

One great website I discovered recently is A+ Click Math and Logic Problems. The website contains 2250 interactive mathematics problems from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Each problem has clickable choices and a solution appears if user’s answer is incorrect.

(c) A+Click

An image from a sample problem in A+Click is shown above. The question asks for the shortest path among A, B, C, and D from the origin to (7,6).

According to the website, A+Click’s  database adapts to student ability. To progress to a higher level, the student must answer 5 consecutive problems correctly.

If you want to see more challenging problems, Mathematics and Multimedia contains links to more than 20,000 mathematics contest problems and solutions.