The OpenOffice Calc Tutorial Series

OpenOffice Calc is one of the software in the application suite. Calc is a spreadsheet which is very similar to Microsoft Office’s Excel; in fact, most of the formula and function commands are the same.  In this series, we learn the basics of Calc and explore ways to integrate it in teaching and learning mathematics.  Below are the the list of tentative topics that we will discuss:

  1. The Calc Environment
  2. Data Entry, Editing and Basic Computation
  3. Working with Formulas (Part 1)
  4. Working with Formulas (Part 2)
  5. Formatting and Aesthetics
  6. Charts and Graphs
  7. Basic Statistics
  8. Working with Multiple sheets is the free and open-source equivalent of Microsoft Office.

Mathematics in Microsoft Office

There are many people who are allergic with mathematics, but most of the time, mathematics appears incognito in places where we don’t expect them to be.  One perfect example is the Microsoft Office Package.We know the MS Excel is dedicated to mathematical computations, but what about MS Word or PowerPoint?  Can we find mathematics in both applications?

Enumerated below are the mathematics hidden in Microsoft Office. Regarding the mathematics found in MS Excel, we will discuss more about them in later tutorials.

1. Equations (Word). In the Insert menu of MS Word, you can see the Equation icon located at the extreme right hand side of the toolbar. This contains several built-in mathematical equations and formulas such as area of the circle and binomial theorem.

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