The 0.0001 Time Rate Approach

by Armand Gelig Macapagong

I encountered Differential Calculus when I was in my 2nd-year High School. As a part of the Math Magi, a Mathematics club in our school, we were taught advance topics apart from our daily Math subjects in class. One of these was an introduction to Differential Calculus. I found Differential Calculus as one of the interesting subjects and my favorite topics were L’Hospital’s rule and Maxima-Minima.

When I went to college, I encountered Differential Calculus again. This time, it becomes a lot easier since I already had a taste of this subject. But what caught my attention was that, a lot of students in our class failed in almost all quizzes. This brought me to thinking, that if I can introduce an easier concept to my classmates, or if I can develop a less complex approach which they can easily grasp, maybe I can help them. So I worked hard in finding an easier approach. I developed this technique two years after that Differential Calculus subject. So, I never really had the chance to help my classmates back then. » Read more