WordPress Blogging Tutorial 9 – Finishing Touches

We have had eight WordPress tutorials and I think those tutorials are enough to keep your blog rolling.  In this post I am going to give you hints on the things that you should do before making a lot of posts. Here are the finishing touches you should before you get going:

1.) Set up your General Settings. The General Settings (Figure 1) enables you to change the name of your blog, your tagline, your email address, and other information.

Figure 1

2.) Set up your Widgets. We have already discussed how to work with widgets.  Of course no one is limiting you how many widgets to place in your blog (see the right part of my window to see my widgets), but you must prioritize the important ones. The widgets that the most important are the Calender,   Recent Posts,  Links, and Blog Subscriptions, Top Posts/Top Rated» Read more