GeoGebra Tutorial 26 – Constructing a Cycloid

This is the 26th tutorial of the GeoGebra Intermediate Tutorial Series. If this is your first time to use GeoGebra, you might want to read the GeoGebra Essentials Series.

A cycloid is the curve defined by the path of a point on the edge of circular wheel as the wheel rolls along a straight line.  In this tutorial, we use GeoGebra to construct a cycloid, the path traced by a rotating circle. In reality, we will not really roll the circle but use mathematics to make it appear is if it is rolling. We will set the amount of rotation to 4 \pi but you can choose to increase it later on.

The output of this tutorial is shown above. Move the slider and observe what happens.
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Ask Natural Math and

Natural Math is a web mathematics community for math teachers and students founded by Dr. Maria Droujkova.  Despite being in is beta state, it’s one of finest math community website I’ve seen so far. It has a variety of features: a blog, a forum, a group interest and many more. Some of its notable projects are Math 2.0 Group Interest, Math Lexicon and Special Snowflake.

The most current addition to Natural Math, which is one of my favorites, is the Ask Natural Math page, where community members can ask, answer » Read more

Blog Carnival Reminder

The Matheamtics and Multimedia Blog Carnival is now accepting submissions for the Blog Carnival #2 to be posted on August 9, 2010.  The deadline of submissions will be on August 6. Submissions later than the deadline will be included in the next issue.

The priority articles of the blog carnival will be based on the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival Criteria for Selection of Articles.

I will still host the August and September issue, but I will be opening the hosting from October onwards. I will be posting the basics and guidelines for hosting next week.

To those who are new to blog carnivals, you may want to check these links:

Other math carnivals are also accepting submissions:

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