Blog Carnival Potpourri: Submit, Host, or Promote

The Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival (MMBC) is now open for hosting. The blogs listed below will be the future hosts of the carnival.

I have lifted descriptions from the future host blogs to give you an idea about them.

  1. Wild About Math (MMBC 4, October 2010) . What I do… is about doing Math, playing with Math, sharing Math, and inspiring others with a joy of Math. The form is “under construction” by life and will unfold in a way that I’m sure will surprise and delight me. That much I know and trust.This blog is an expression of the delight I see all over in all things mathematical.
  2. Math Hombre (MMBC 5, November 2010). A blog for sharing my math interests on the web, to post new materials for elementary, secondary and teacher ed, and vent mathematical steam when needed.
  3. Great Math Teaching Ideas (MMBC 6, December 2010). We all love teaching. We want to give the kids the best start in life and for them all to see the beauty and power of maths. We achieve this by teaching lessons that are inspiring and well resourced. We spend hours producing lesson ideas and resources that are just right. On this site we share them with everybody who feels the same way as we do.
  4. Keeping Mathematics Simple (MMBC 7, January 2011) This blog is not about making mathematics easy because it isn’t. It is about making it make sense because it does.

Submit, Host or Promote

  • If you want to submit to the next carnival, click here to go to the submission form.
  • You may also want to submit to the Math Teachers at Play Carnival or the Carnival of Mathematics (please do not duplicate submissions).
  • If this baby carnival has helped you, please promote and share it.
  • If you want to host the carnival, please  email me.

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