Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival #3

Welcome the third edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia blog Carnival. This will be the last edition that I will be hosting this year. The fourth edition  will be hosted by Wild About Math!.

Before we begin, let’s have some interesting trivia about the number three.

Evolution of the Glyph of Three


David Pilarski explains Graphing a Linear Model using x and y intercepts with video posted in his Algebra and Geometry blog.

Jin Li teaches How to Calculate Mean, Median and Mode for a Set of Data posted at

Daniel Chiquito presents Pythagorean Theorem’s Proof without words posted at Equalis Community Blog.

Maria Droujkova shows The house that Math 2.0 built posted at Natural Math.

Bradford Hansen-Smith exhibits  connection between paper plates and math in Center Off-Center posted at Whole Movement.

Caroline Mukisa teaches parents  What they Need to Know About the Multiplication Facts posted at Maths Insider.

Pat Ballew demonstrates how to Trisect an Angle posted at Pat’sBlog.


Erlina Ronda uses GeoGebra to teach the concept of square root in GeoGebra and Mathematics: Square and Square Roots posted at Keeping Mathematics Simple.

Colin Graham integrates paper folding and ICT in his First online manipulative – virtual origami posted at Sine of the Times: Dividing the Universe by Zero.

Mr. Ho introduces Radian Measure using GeoGebra posted at Mathing.

John Golden turns a home situation inoto a modeling problem using GeoGebra in My Basement is a Problem posted at Math Hombre.

Will Emeny presents great Ideas for ICT based homeworks posted at Great Maths Teaching Ideas

Mathew Needleman introduces The Right Way to Show Movies in Class posted at Creating Lifelong Learners.

David Wetzel gives insights on How to Integrate Wolfram Alpha into Science and Math Classesposted at Teach Science and Math (link no longer working).

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Photos: Carnival at Speed by Stuseeger, Evolution3glyph by Wikimedia Commons, Number Three of White Paint Dots by Horia Varlan, Squares and Square Roots by Erlina RondaNumber Three by Bludgeoner86

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