Compass and Straightedge Construction with Robocompass App

After introducing Primo, a new math game, I would also like to introduce Robocompass app, one of the latest online apps for compass and straightedge construction. It was only released three weeks ago.

Robocompass is an application that allows users to type commands and then turn those commands into an animated compass and straightedge construction. What is good about this application is that it has a 3d environment which allows the user to view the construction in any perspective. Constructions in Robocompass can be saved in Google drive and can be embedded in websites. Watch the introduction video and see the embedded file below. 

Click the Play button below to watch the animated construction. You may use the mouse roller to zoom in and zoom out the construction, or drag the window to change perspective. You may also reset view or use full screen view using the buttons on the right.

This is just the first release, and I think this is very good app for math teachers. One thing that I can’t do on the app though is to drag the labels of the construction. I am not sure if this is not permitted by the app, or there is some keyboard keys that I have to press while dragging.

H/T: Colleen Young

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