Math Teachers at Play 61

Researching 61 as a number tells us it’s not just prime, but is a twin prime, a61squares cuban prime, the 9th Mersenne prime exponent, and a Pillai prime. That’s primo prime pedigree. It’s a Keith number and thrice Fortunate. (Fortunate numbers are pretty interesting and the subject of an open conjecture.) It’s a centered square number (1+4+8+12+16+20), a centered hexagonal number (1+6+12+18+24) and a centered decagonal number (1+10+20+30); mostly because it’s neighbor 60 is so nice. (Did you see the 60th Math Teachers at Play?) Is there a reason that ∑4n, ∑6n and ∑10n overlap at 60? But the fact that really caught my eye was that 61 is an Euler Zig Zag number. How cool can a number get?

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The Math and Multimedia Carnival is back

After several months of hiatus, I am reviving the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival. To those who are interested to host the next edition, kindly email me at mathandmultimedia[at]

Carnival  - Corso Illumine

The latest edition of the carnival is the 24th edition. The complete list can be found in the Mathematics and Multimedia blog carnival index page.

You may submit your carnival entries at the carnival submission form. The deadline of submission be March 30, 2013.

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