GeoGebra Short-Term Course Concluded

Last Saturday, June 5, 2010, we have concluded our 3-Saturday seminar on Using GeoGebra in Teaching Mathematics. Below are some of the pictures  taken from the said short-term course.

That’s me on the first pic explaining the mathematics behind the “how-to” construction. If you’re wondering why our whiteboard is high, well, I am just short. I am 5’3” feet, or maybe shorter (chuckles).

As you can see, the participants are really serious. 🙂

One of our participants constructing her GeoGebra applet.


So if you want to invite me* to conduct a lecture on GeoGebra in your school, I am just an email away.

*Philippines only (unless, of course, your school is willing to shoulder my expenses. Just kidding  🙂 ).

To All Subscribers

Hi. I have a favor to ask to all my subscribers. I am a little curious about my number of subscribers. It is a little hard to monitor since some are using different readers. If I may, I would like to ask a little favor from you. Please fill up the poll  located at the middle-right of the blog page, asking if you are a subscriber of Mathematics and Multimedia or not.  I would really appreciate if you can spend two seconds of your time to answer it.

I will conduct the same poll, once every 3-months, so that I will know what to do in the future. I might upgrade this account to a to have ads, but you don’t have to worry, everything will still be free. 🙂

GeoGebra Tutorial 18 Update

Re: Update for Email Subscribers.

The title of the post earlier should be GeoGebra Tutorial 18 – Area Under a Curve and Riemann Sums.  Please note that the URL of the said post was changed. Click the link below to visit new location.

Also, the output file of the tutorial has already been uploaded.

My apologies.

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