101 Blog Tips 4: Blog posts tips

This is the fourth part of 101 Ways to promote your blog for free series.  In this post, we are going to discuss what blog post or individual article tips.

Blog Posts Tips

  • 51Publish at least 5 articles a week. Although 5 posts seems a lot, but if you want to increase your readers rapidly, post as many articles as you can.
  • 52Break Long Posts. Do not write long articles. If possible, divide your post into several parts. 53A series of posts is a great way to make your readers come back from time to time.
  • 54Use pictures (stunning pictures would be a plus) whenever possible.  Have you tried reading a long article without a photo or drawing? I bet that most readers wouldn’t want to read such articles.  As the saying says, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Pictures give colors to your post and will tend to attract readers.
  • 55Add Share and RSS buttons on each post. 56I strongly recommend Addthis because it supports more than 300 social media sites.  Adding a share button in each article will definitely increase your post. Imagine 30 Tweets where each tweet is send to 300 people. That’s 9000 potential readers!
  • 57Add ‘Related Articles.’  Readers that are interested in a particular post will be very likely interested related articles. Suggestive links such as related posts are very effective in increasing your page views.
  • 58Use LinkWithin. I have used LinkWithin for about three months and I am very much satisfied with it. In fact, it drives most traffic to my blog.
  • 59Link to your previous posts. If you see a word in your blog is related to your post, always link it. Again, the more links you have, the better.
  • 60Vary your media. Aside from pictures, there are also a lot of multimedia that you can embed to you posts. You can embed Youtube videos, Slideshare presentations, Scribd documents, Flash and Java animations, and many more.


101 Blog Tips Part I: Things to do before starting a blog

This is the first part of the 101 Ways to Promote your Blog for free, a series about blogging tips and promotion. In this post, we will discuss some things to do and to consider before starting a blog.

I started as a blogger not knowing what I wanted to blog. If you have noticed, my first two posts (October 2009) were K-12 math problems and solutions. I realized, however, that I wanted my blog to be read by many people; I have to write things that many people are interested in.  Writing problems and solutions would only excite math enthusiasts who are fond of problem solving,  and I know that there are relatively few of them. Besides, there are many problem solving sites on the internet. » Read more