GeoGebra Tutorial 2 – Constructing an Equilateral Triangle

This is the second tutorial of the GeoGebra Intermediate Tutorial Series. If this is your first time to use GeoGebra, please read the GeoGebra Essentials Series.  This tutorial, answers the following problem using GeoGebra.

Note: This tutorial has been updated for GeoGebra 4.2.

In the tutorial below, menu commands, located in the menu bar, are in brown bold text, and submenus are denoted by the > symbol. For example, Options>Labeling> New Points Only means, click the Options menu, choose Labeling from the list, then select New Points Only. The GeoGebra tools are denoted by orange texts. For example, New Point means the new point tool.

Problem: How will you draw an equilateral triangle without using the Regular Polygon tool? » Read more