GeoGebra Extra: What is GeoGebraTube?

In GeoGebra Sneak Peek 10, the last installment of my GeoGebra 4.0 Sneak Peek Series, I have mentioned about GeoGebraTube, the latest website of GeoGebra used for storing GeoGebra applets. I have used the site for almost a week and its running perfectly.  Although there are times that some applets do not show up, but  I think this has nothing to do with the  website. It’s probably because the GeoGebra 4.0 Release candidate is still being refined.

I have already created by my own “channel” and have uploaded several of my applets. All applets uploaded in GeoGebraTube include GGB files that you can download, but take note that these files are under Creative Commons, so if you use them, do not forget to link back.

For GeoGebra users, you can upload by going to the GeoGebraTube website or or by clicking File>Export>Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage(html).  In the Dynamic Worksheet Export dialog box, just select the GeoGebraTube option and to open the GeoGebraTube website.

WordPress Tutorial 4 – Linking your posts to other online documents

One of the basic features of blogging is linking to other articles on the internet.  You can link your post to other posts within your blog, or link it your post to articles from other websites.  You can also link to a document from an online storage for download. For instance, to save space in your blog, you can store your documents in Google Docs and just place a link on your post.

In this post, we will still use the blog that we have created – the Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem. We will select a particular text and then link it to another blog. » Read more