Fractals: A Different Type of Geometry

The Dimensions in Between

The mathematics that we have learned since elementary school is a bit beautiful. A line is perfectly straight, the path of the ball thrown upward is a parabola  and the shape of the earth we see in books is a sphere. The truth is, the lines, parabolas, and spheres are “flawless models” of the real world.  A straight line that can be drawn using a ruler or a meter stick is not perfectly straight (try using a magnifier). The shape of the path of the ball thrown upward is not all the time a symmetric parabola. Lastly, Earth is not a perfect sphere, it bulges in the equator, it has mountains, valleys, and trenches.

Clearly, the perfect mathematics that we know is an ideal notion and it does not have a very close resemblance of reality. It also appears that the mathematics, particularly the Geometry that we have learned in school is not enough to describe the real world. The dimensions that we have talked in the last post, cannot simply apply to these types of “irregularities.” » Read more

TED Videos and Ideas Worth Spreading

TED is a global set conferences which started in 1984 dedicated to disseminate  “ideas worth spreading.” TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design is owned by Sapling Foundation, a private non-profit organization.

Now, what might interest you about TED are the free videos, many of which are  lectures about mathematics and technology. The video above is the lecture of famous mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot about the beauty and complexity of fractals. Most of these TED videos have transcripts that are also available for download.  

As of this writing, there are more than 900 TED videos or TedTalks in science, technology, entertainment, design, business, and global issues. These videos are under Creative Commons License, so you are allowed to repost and share them.