1500+ Mathematics Video Lectures

In addition to the 5000 videos that I have shared to you last year, I have recently discovered more than 1500 links to mathematics video lectures in Pinterest. The links cover a wide variety of topics which include K-12 Mathematics, Math Interviews and Humor, Famous Mathematicians,  Student Lectures, and many more.

The collection also includes undergraduate and graduate content topics such as Abstract Algebra, Graph Theory, Topology, Number Theory, Optimization, etc.

TED Videos and Ideas Worth Spreading

TED is a global set conferences which started in 1984 dedicated to disseminate  “ideas worth spreading.” TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design is owned by Sapling Foundation, a private non-profit organization.

Now, what might interest you about TED are the free videos, many of which are  lectures about mathematics and technology. The video above is the lecture of famous mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot about the beauty and complexity of fractals. Most of these TED videos have transcripts that are also available for download.  

As of this writing, there are more than 900 TED videos or TedTalks in science, technology, entertainment, design, business, and global issues. These videos are under Creative Commons License, so you are allowed to repost and share them.

5000 free math, physics, and engineering video tutorials and lectures

Here are the collections of sites with math, physics, engineering, and other sciences video tutorials.  Some sites also contains non-science videos as well. If you find a site with more than 50 videos, please inform me so I could  include it on the list.

  • Khan Academy – more than 2100 2600 not only for math but also includes other subjects such as economics, chemistry, physics and other fields. The math videos range from adding integers up to elementary calculus.
  • Brightstorm – more than 500 math videos in algebra, geometry, Precaculus and Calculus.
  • Just Math Tutorials – more than 1000 videos on algebra, geometry, trigonometry,  calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra
  • MIT Open Courseware – videos about math, engineering, sciences, and other fields.
  • Free Video Lectures – more than 700 (excluding Khan Academy’s which they also listed) videos. Videos include single variable calculus, multivariable calculus, vector calculus, probability and statistics, algebraic topology and more. Some are actual class videos.
  • Math Playground – more than 70 videos for high school mathematics. Topics include integers, algebra 1 and 2, and geometry.
  • Art of Problem Solving – more than 70 videos on counting and probability.
  • Gresham College Public Lectures – more than 100 public lectures about mathematics particularly history of mathematics, computational mathematics, everyday mathematics, mathematical puzzles, and more.It also contains hundreds of more public lectures in astronomy, biology, physics, other sciences, and other areas such as law, arts and literature, medicine, music, politics, and more.
  • University of Missouri Kansas City Youtube Channel– more than 230 videos on algebra, calculus, and physics.
  • Center of Math Youtube Channel – more than 70 calculus videos.
  • Ms. D’s Videos. More than 160 math videos on high school mathematics. 

Free Maths Videos at MathsMaster.org

If you have enjoyed Salman Khan’s videos on Youtube, you may want to check out, MathsMaster.org. MathsMaster is a new website and its aim is also to provide free mathematics education through videos.

According to William Emeny, one of the authors and writer of  Great Maths Teaching Ideas

The emphasis of the videos is on developing pupils’ understanding rather than just teaching them a method. Videos are deliberately not levelled and certainly don’t mention any fashionable edu-jargon. They focus solely on understanding and quality teaching and learning. That’s what I believe is important.

You can follow MathsMaster.org in Facebook and Twitter.

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