500 Math EBooks — Downloadable and Free!

In addition to the Free Math Ebooks (Free Algebra Ebooks, Free Geometry Ebooks, Free Calculus Ebooks) that I have listed before, Ebooks Directory offer 500 mathematics ebooks. I did not have time to verify if all of these ebooks are free, but I suppose that most of them are.

Mathematics Under the Microscope

You can browse the category page here.

Free SPSS and Statistics Ebooks

To those who are looking for free books on statistics and SPSS, you may want to check out the following books. They are free from BookBoon but requires email subscription (don’t worry, it’s free) before you can download.

You can get the entire zipped package here.

You may also want to visit my pages containing lists of free math ebooks.

Happy reading!

Popular posts on free math resources

One of the goals of Math and Multimedia is to share free resources on the internet. Below are some of the most popular  posts containing math resources on the internet.

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