GeoGebra Essentials 6 – Sliders and Rhombuses

This is the sixth tutorial in the GeoGebra Essentials Series. If you are not familiar with GeoGebra, you may want to read the Introduction to GeoGebra post and earlier tutorials. They contain the pre-requisites of this tutorial.

In the tutorial below, menu commands, located in the menu bar, are in brown bold text, and submenus are denoted by the > symbol. For example, Options>Labeling> New Points Only means, click the Options menu, choose Labeling from the list, then select New Points Only. The tool texts are colored orange. For example, New Pointmeans the new point tool.

In this tutorial, we construct a rhombus using the slider tool.  A slider (see figure below) is a dynamic graphical representation of a number.  We have three types of sliders – number, angle and integer.  The angle and number sliders are shown below. Slider s is the side length of the rhombus ABCB’. Slider t on the other hand is the measure of angle A.

In doing the tutorial, we  learn the following:

  • Use the tools we have discussed in previous tutorials – Segment tool, Parallel Line tool,and Intersect tool
  • Learn how to use new tools including Angle with Given Size and Segment with Given Length from Point . » Read more