Math Exercise, Problem, and Investigation

As teachers, it is important that we vary the mathematical activities we give our students. The learning that takes place in the classroom is, in one way or another, affected by the kind of tasks that we give them. These tasks may be classified into three: exercises, problems, and investigations.

Math Exercise

A math exercise is a task where students know what is asked AND know a direct way of doing it. Task 1 is an example of a math exercise.  In this task, students are asked for the number of squares that make up the fourth figure. This can easily do this by looking at the pattern or by counting.

Task 1

Math exercises are usually given after examples were demonstrated. They are commonly used to enhance the basic computational skills of students. » Read more

Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival #2

Hook, Line and Linker

Welcome to the second edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival.

One of the new developments is that I am giving a title to each edition of the carnival. The title of second edition: Hook, Line and Linker . As you read, you would know why I have chosen the title.

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